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Wide assortment

Whisky, Cognac, Armagnac, Eau-de-Vie, Rum, Liqueur, Jenever, Vodka, Gin, and many more ..


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We will do our atmost best to take care off you order and handle it with the quality and care it deserves

On our way to a sustainable future

Our wharehouse and offices are equiped with LED lighting and over 240 solar panels to ensure a low carbon footprint.

Doing business since 1921

What started in 1921 as “Firma J.H. van Wees Junior” doing tabaco has transformed in 1963 into a prosperous liquor wholesale company.

Dealing with all these nice liqours still makes it feel like a hobby instead off doing work. Hence me doing it for over 50 years now.

- Han van Wees

Han van Wees: They say about him that he taught the Netherlands how to drink blended and malt whisky. All is true if you ask us.

- Algemeen Dagblad

Each day offers a nice challenge to aquire new and interresting products or bottlings and we still love doing it!

- Maurice van Wees